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Default Japan Tour: Usa Shrine Kunisaki


The original Usa-jinja (Tel: 0978 37 0001) in Usa in the Kunisaki Peninsula on Kyushu dates back over 1,000 years to 725 and the shrine is dedicated to Hachiman - the god of war and warriors.

The shrine is the oldest Hachiman shrine in Japan and ranks as one of the most important Shinto shrines in the country, up there with Ise Jingu and Atsuta Shrine in Nagoya.

Hachiman is the deified Emperor Ojin, a legendary Emperor of Japan. Hachiman shrines have now spread throughout Japan from this first shrine in Kyushu. The present shrine buildings date from the mid-nineteenth century.

Usa Shrine has attracted imperial support over its long history and there are now over 40,000 branches shrines of Hachiman all over Japan.

The annual Usa shrine festival is held on March 18.

Usa Jingu

Oji, Minami-usa 2859
Tel: 0978 37 0001

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