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Default Japan Tour: Harina Shrine


The nearest shrine to my house in Tenpaku-ku Nagoya is Harina Jinja, a spacious shrine set in a small patch of woodland that abuts the Nagoya Agriculture Center.

Harina Shrine has a history dating back to 905 CE according to ancient records when it was located about 800m north of its present location. The shrine has an area of around twelve thousand square meters making it one of the largest in Nagoya.

The shrine has many classic features of shinto shrines in Japan including torii gates, a chozuya water fountain, a pair of guardian komainu (lion dogs) and a line of red torii gates dedicated to inari, the fox kami.

Harina Shrine has an annual Summer Festival with stalls set up and Obon-style dancing in July. At New Year, taiko drummers entertain worshippers making their first shrine visit of the year.

The nearest station to Harina Jinja is Hirabari on the Tsurumai Line of the Nagoya subway. Akaike Station is also a 20 minute walk away.

Harina Jinja
Tenpaku-ku, Tenpaku-cho
Tel: 052 803 6174

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