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Old 06-14-2011, 05:43 PM
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Default Japan Tour: NLGR+ 2011 Gay & Lesbian Festival in Nagoya ???????????????

Nagoya's big annual gay and lesbian event, NLGR+, is happening again this year on June 4 and 5, 2011.

The main event is an outdoor festival in Nagoya's Ikeda Koen Park in Naka-ku, 4-chome on Saturday June 4 from 2pm and Sunday June 5 from 11am, 2011. The park will have various booths and tents, including a men's stage tent, a women's booth, an orientation tent, and booths representing a range of different groups such as the Bear Club of Japan, the Taiwan Red Ribbon Foundation, a gay Christian group, an HIV prevention information tent, and more.

The two days will feature a constant flow of entertainment by a huge variety of show boys and girls, bands, and speakers.

In the evening of the 4th and 5th, partiers can visit the numerous gay and lesbian bars and clubs in the area. And on Saturday night (June 4th) there are no less than 6 different club events happening, at:
-Club JBs for the mixed gay/lesbian Pierrot Vol.26 NLGR+ Special nite - drag queens galore!!
-Cafe Domina for the men-only Paisley Park NLGR+ Special nite - ripped go-go boys!
-Club Colors for the men-only Deluxe nite
-Montage Lounge for the gay/lesbian Mixture Pot nite
-Club Viper for the women-only Love Track nite
-Pub Classmate for the women-only Pt. Stripper nite

Check out the NLGR+ website for details (in Japanese only)

Google Map to the Nagoya gay and lesbian bar and club district


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