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Default Japan Tour: Japan News This Week 18 February 2018


At Site of Japanese Volcano’s Supereruption, an Immense Lava Dome Lurks
New York Times

Japan's worries about North Korea's 'charm offensive'

Figure skating: Hanyu wins men's title for Japan's 1st gold
The Mainichi

Mysterious snow scenes in Japan – in pictures

Why Japan and Russia never signed a WWII peace treaty
Asia Times

“The Comfort Women were Prostitutes”: Repercussions of remarks by the Japanese Consul General in Atlanta
Japan Focus

Last Week's Japan News on the JapanVisitor blog


According to news reports in Japan this week, application for refugee status "soared" in 2017.

The number of foreigners who replied for asylum in Japan totaled 19,628 last year.

Of those, 19 were accepted.

Japan's population is 127,000,000, which is double France's, double Britain's, and 12 times Sweden's

Source: Japan News, February 15 2018, page 3.

Top refugee hosting countries:

1. Jordan (2.7 million)
2. Turkey (2.5 million)
3. Pakistan (1.6 million)
4. Lebanon (1.5 million)
5. Iran (979,400)
6. Ethiopia (736,100)
7. Kenya (553,900)
8. Uganda (477,200)
9. Democratic Republic of Congo (383,100)
10. Chad (369,500)

Source: Al Jazeera

Refugee population of various countries:

Canada: 375,393
Sweden: 230,130
Japan: 2,512
South Korea: 1,773
Germany: 669,408
United Kingdom: 118,913
France: 304,507

Source: The World Bank


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