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Default Crimea Tour: Sevastopol is the Town of Russian Glory

We will drive to Primorsky Park and take a stroll along this seaside promenade. You will see the striking ceremonial gate of the Count's Pier and the Monument to Scuttled Ships, which stands in the sea of the shore. This column with a bronze eagle erected in 1905 has become the symbol of Sevastopol.Sevastopol is the second largest city of the Crimea. Founded in 1783 as a navy fortress and stronghold of the Russian Empire it was visited by Catherine II, Russian Czars, Churchill and Roosevelt, by all high officials of nowadays. In and around Sevastopol there are more than a thousand monuments dedicated to the incomparable resistance of its defenders during the Crimean war of 1853-56 and World War 2. The Panorama is the most remarkable museum of the city. Its circular building was specially constructed for the 5000 sq. feet monumental painting "The Defense of Sevastopol" depicting the battle of June 6, 1855 on the Malakhov Hill during the Crimean War. The painting is a 360deg display. Some 100 yards south of the Panorama, there is a section of the Bastion IV where seven old cannons are seen. It was that very historical place where Leo Tolstoy, a participant of the Crimean War, started his literary career and where he wrote his "Sevastopol Sketches" during short intervals between the fighting.

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