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Default Travel and visa services

Confidence aguFrom the moment you arrive until you walk into the departure lounge at one of the airports, you are a guest. Spacious, comfortable rooms await you in the guest houses and hotels we provide. Meals are offered at all of the guest houses to suit your schedule (the basic fare is Nigerian, but you can make special requests). The staff is there to assist you, and anything that they canít provide directly they will help you find in Nigeria, from internet services to first class medical care, a tennis game or a trip to the beach.

Road Travel: All of your travel within Nigeria is provided in air-conditioned cars and vans. You schedule your travel to suit your needs (please keep in mind that all travel between cities should be done in daylight). Nigeria can be daunting to a newcomer, so ACE and his staff will be happy to accompany you as you shop, run errands, visit museums or just wander about the town.

Cost and Payment. Shorter visits, longer visits and group rates can all be negotiated.


airport pick up(for foreigners)

hotel reservation

tour guide


tour planning/arrangement

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