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Default Japan Tour: Huge Earthquake & Tsunami Hits North East Japan


A huge earthquake struck north eastern Japan today at 2.45pm local time triggering a tsunami wave that has inundated areas of the coast in Miyagi and Fukushima prefectures near the city of Sendai.

The following video was taken by JapanVisitor in the immediate aftermath of the quake in Tokyo's Kojimachi district. The quake is still just going as the video begins. By this stage the streets were scattered with groups of office workers who had fled their trashed offices. A large building can be seen swaying at about 1:40.

The force of the 8.9 scale tremor was felt in Tokyo where tall buildings shook and some fires broke out, with a large blaze visible in the Odaiba district. Mobile phone connections and the city's train network are at present shut down, though the metro lines are beginning to resume operations. Tokyo's bus network is working as normal.

The BBC reports that a tidal wave warning has been extended across the Pacific Ocean to New Zealand in the south and North and South America to the east.

The Japanese government has held an emergency meeting to coordinate its response to the disaster as the death toll has risen to over 30 people.

There is concern over a nuclear power plant in Fukushima Prefecture, which developed a mechanical failure to its cooling system.

Convenience stores in Tokyo have been urged to offer supplies to people in need.

Emergency message boards telephone numbers

03 5452 8800
050 3369 9680

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