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Default Top 10 places to visit in Addis Ababa

- National Museum of Ethiopia – See the archaeological findings of the Lower Omo Valley and Awash Valley (two of Ethiopia’s sites registered by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites) to see ancient fossils of animals, human beings including Lucy, and some of the oldest stone tools human beings ever used. - Holy Trinity Cathedral - where the tombs of Emperor Haile Sillassie is found at and one of the most famous religious places in Addis Ababa- Ethnographic Museum - it was the former residence of Emperor Haile Sillassie I- Shiro Meda local market - famous for locally made cotton clothes and small gift items- Mount Entoto- set at 3,200 meters above sea level is the highest peak around Addis Ababa and best for enjoying the panoramic view of Addis Ababa- St. Mary Church at Entoto - one of the oldest churches in Addis Ababa- St. Raguel (Elias) church at Entoto - the oldest church in Addis Ababa (more than 140 years) and is famous for its beautiful wall and ceiling paintings - St. George Cathedral - has a nice but small museum- Merkato market - the biggest outdoor market in Africa- Red Terror Martyrs’ Memorial Museum - dedicated to the victims of Red Terror Campaign of the Communist Government which ruled the country from 1974 to 1991City Tour of Addis Ababa with Merit Tours includes these places of visits in Addis Ababa.

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