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Default Japan Tour: "Let's fight like in Egypt!"


The Zengakuren (short for Zen-Nihon Gakusei Jichikai S?reng?, or All-Japan Federation of Student Self-Government Associations) is an umbrella group for communist student bodies, and dates from 1948.

There are five factions within the Zengakuren, all representing rifts throughout the Zengakurenís history based largely, one presumes, on political stance and strategy.

Today, a group from the Hosei University Cultural League, affiliated with what is perhaps the most radical of the Zengakurenís factions, the Chukaku faction, was out on the streets of Yotsuya, in front of Jochi (AKA Sophia) University with an anti-war message, and urging participation in an anti-war protest to take place at 1pm on Sunday March 20 2011 at Yoyogi Park.

March 20 will be the 8th anniversary of the start of the Iraq War. Drawing on the recent troubles in Egypt, a prominent message on the pamphlet they were handing out and over the loud hailer was ďLetís fight like in Egypt!Ē


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