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Default Tailor-made tours

Tailor-made toursTailor made tours to India, Nepal, Bhutan and Sri Lanka

With Travels Untold I want to focus on 100% Tailor-Made holidays. Why so? Travelling in a group is amazing as you get to meet many wonderful people. However, I believe we are all about energy and only you control the flow of your own. If you travel on a tailor-made trip, you are free from the worries of planning what you need to do next day. Total mental relaxation. You are in good and experienced hands. People who know how much this trip means to you. How you must have saved for this trip, or how you have made time to be here? You will meet people when you go to any of these countries. Eg, India is the second largest population, even if you wish, you cannot avoid meeting new people. Yea to that! You just need to be open to it. If you wish to have a quite time, well, then you have to speak to Travels Untold.

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