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Default Private Guided Tour of St. Petersburg, Russia

The Very Best of St. PetersburgPrivate guided tours by «Russian Adventure» for Small groups, Seniors, Families with children, and Single travellers.

The motto of the days or hours we will spend together will be comfort and fun. Only us, at a pace you feel comfortable with and flexible with our plans – we will see all the famous sites and beyond with comfort and attention you could never get with a group tour. We will combine knowledge and a sense of humor. We will chat about everyday Russian life – in communist times and now – all in excellent English.

You can have any dates or quantity of days for your trip.

Travel can be by private car, mini-bus, mercedes luxury car, or public transport/on foot - or any combination to suit your individual program.

The itinerary shown is just an example of what can be done - Together we will create a tour especially for you.

I will suggest some options, but you will make the choices. Together we will create both a realistic and exciting plan.

But even then we will keep a certain level of flexibility. No one can control the weather, but it will be in our power to re-arrange our plans accordingly.

Itinerary - Day 1

25 km car transfer - Petrodvorets (Peterhof): We shall stroll in both Upper and Low gardens and enjoy most of the 177 fountains of this striking residence of the Russian crown - Lunch at the palace in the former conservatory, today a charming bistro - Car transfer - The Church on the Spilled Blood always attracts attention due to its flowery national architecture so different from anything in the Europe. After St. Marco cathedral in Venice this church has the largest area covered with mosaics in the world (8000 sq. meters) - Then we walk along Nevsky prospect and drop into one of the most popular local cafes. The choice of sweets here is rich and seductive. This walk is also a chance for some shopping - Car transfer back to your accommodation for the rest before the evening going out.

In the evening

Mariinsky (Kirov) theater restaurant. The floor of the restaurant was used once as a theater scene. Many scenery details decorate its walls. The photos of world famous stars look here like these of relatives. One of them may sit at a table next to you - Car transfer - At 1:25 a.m. the bridges over Neva in the center of the city open up to create a very special St. Petersburg performance. For this period of night the Neva embankments turn into a lively and crowded avenue. Such romantic strolling is very popular among citizens - Let us join them - Car transfer to your accommodation.

As an option I offer Opera, Ballet or Symphony performance at the Mariinsky (Kirov) theater (schedule permitting).

Itinerary - Day 2

Visit to the Hermitage. We stroll through the great halls of the tsars and remember the balls and ceremonies that once were held there. We will pass through the main section of the museum, including the Imperial living quarters, the famous Malachite room and beyond - Dinner - St. Isaac's cathedral is famous for its interiors with lapis lazuli and malachite columns. The 4000 sq.m. interior is fully covered with semi-precious stones and mosaics and it is very impressive. We also climb the circular staircase, which is rewarded by a panoramic birds eye view of the city centre. - Visit to Tsarskoye selo (Pushkin) royal residence and walk in its endless gardens. You will see one of the largest European royal palaces built in the 18th century. Numerous park pavilions in different styles will entertain you during your walk - Car transfer to your accommodation.

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