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Default Bird pictures from Ethiopia

This bird pictures where taken on a bird watching tour which was held from sep,27th-oct,10th. Day 01 Sululta plains - D. libsnos overnight at Debrelibanos area. Day 02- Debrelibanos - Alem ketema Debrebirhan - Ankober Day 03- Ankober Melkajebdu Awash. Day 04- drive towards awash river kereyu lodge and overnight at kereyu in the park. Day 05- From Kereyu lodge directly to fentale mountain and awash town. Day 06- Awash town Bilen plains and back to awash. Day 07- Awash beseka lake koka and ziway. Overnight at ziway lake. Day 08- Ziway Abyata shalla and lake langao for overnight. Day 09- Lake langano- bishangari and alabo kulito obernight at Alaba kulito town. Day 10- Alaba kulitu senkele sanctuary and Hosana town for overnight. Day 11- Hosana Boyo wetlands and butajira for overnight. Day 12- Butajira- Menagesha state forest Gefersa dam and Addis.

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