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admin 12-17-2009 05:25 PM

Affordable Dive Package
<img src="/img/t/tour/2356/affordable-dive-package.jpg" alt="Affordable Dive Package" />Puerto Galera Dive Package

Puerto Galera is considered as the diving mecca of the Philippines with its numerous diving centers all within a short distance of world-renowned dive sites.

Puerto Galera is a beach resort town. It’s a tropical paradise. It has several stretch of beaches. Its natural seawall, exciting dive sites, lush mountains and pristine beaches make the place one of the Philippines’ top travel destinations

Diving in this area has been a fascination for many years, not only because of its natural beauty underwater but in the hope of discovering artifacts or a sunken Galleon.

Going to Puerto Galera is a 3 to 4 hour land trip and a 1 hour ferry transport from Manila.

Day 1 airport pick-up, stay in airport hotel
Day 2 hotel breakfast, transport to Puerto Galera, stay in resort
Day 3 diving lessons, stay in resort
Day 4 diving lessons, stay in resort
Day 5 diving lessons, stay in resort
Day 6 transport back to Manila, stay in downtown hotel
Day 7 hotel breakfast,
Day 8 hotel breakfast, 1/2 day Manila tour, transport to airport

Package price
Twin occupancy $750 each
Single occupancy $1,050
Meals are on a la carte, $7-8/meal each


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