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admin 03-08-2016 07:09 AM

1 Day Bike Trip Hanoi Rural Villages
<img src="/img/t/tour/3174/1-day-bike-trip-hanoi-rural-villages.jpg" alt="1 Day Bike Trip Hanoi Rural Villages" />The 1 Day Bike Trip Hanoi Rural Villages is customized for those who like to discover the rural Hanoi by bicycle. The day trip starts with a transfer, or a short walk from your hotel to our bike garage is located near the Long Bien fruit market. You start cycling from our bike garage, following narrow roads to the ancient village of Do Na, then the flower village of Tan Tung. The area is covered by vegetable, bonsai gardens, and flower fields. This tour sets itself apart by bringing international tourists the real Vietnamese’ culture, one that is not commonly shown in a classic day tour of Hanoi. It promise a great experience as tourists spend time outdoors to inhale the fresh air, smell the green rice fields, be charmed by the flowing Red river and learn about local people.


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