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admin 11-14-2010 02:40 PM

A one-day explorative trip to Longji Terraced Rice Fields
<img src="/img/t/tour/2591/a-one-day-explorative-trip-to-longji-terraced-rice-fields.jpg" alt="A one-day explorative trip to Longji Terraced Rice Fields" />Do you want to know what the Zhuang and Yao peoples are originated from? What are the local conditions and folk customs they have? How the terraced rice fields come into being? What's the secret of " the Red-Yao Long-Hair Village in Huanglou ". Just join us, and all your perplexities will be solved in this programme.

1. At 8:30 every morning, we'll take the special tourist-line bus to Pingan village, on the way, we'll drop in the Huangluo Red-Yao village for half an hour, which has reputed as " the first long-hair village of the world ", and then, we'll drive you to Pingan village directly.

2. Upon arriving in Pingan, first, we'll visit the village and then, we'll visit the typical scene of Longji terraced rice fields which is so called " seven stars accompany with the moon ". After that, it's your lunch time in the village.

3. After lunch, we'll hike from Pingan to Jinzhu( golden bamboo) village, on the way of hiking, you can enjoy the beautiful terraced fields from different angles, the irrigation system of the terraced rice fields and the ancient Longji( dragon's backbone) village which consists of three natural villages, and then to our final stop, the Jinzhu Zhuang village, it is regarded as " the Model of Zhuang villages". ( About 3.5 hours of hiking)

4. About 5:00 PM, we'll take the bus back to Guilin around 7:30.

Additional explanations; The price includes entry fee and round-trip bus ticket.


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