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Japan Tour: Hagi Sightseeing Boat

Hagi's sightseeing boat service, like a similar operation in Matsue up the coast, takes in the town's main sightseeing spots at a leisurely speed.

Boats were a major means of transportation in the city's past and a boat tour or rickshaw ride is a great way for the visitor to return to the rhythms of the Edo Period.

The basic course begins at the Shizuki Bridge near Hagi Castle and proceeds to the castle canal and the Hashimoto River via Tokiwa Island; Kikugahama Beach and the samurai residences of Horiuchi and Hiyako are viewed from the sea.

The whole trip takes about 40 minutes in wooden, flat-bottom boats provided with a roof.

The service runs from March through November from 9am-5pm except in November when boats run from 9am-4pm as the evenings draw in.

Cost 1200 yen or 1,000 yen if more than 20 people participate.

Tel: 0838 25 1750


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