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admin 06-01-2020 02:22 PM

Hanoi Vespa tour at dark
<img src="/favicon.ico" alt="Viamigo" />Hanoi after dark is completely different with what you see on the daytime. The city now becomes a shimmering, colorful
and exciting with night activities. The adventurous excursion is combined with the riding of vintage Vespa through some
landmarks in the city and tasting the local cuisine. A night of fun and amazement start with a cruise through the bustling
streets, narrow alleys, important monuments, beautiful treelined avenues all with a rich hidden history and tradition. Be
sure you come with the empty stomach because during your journey, you will stop to enjoy some of the local specialties
that are only found in Hanoi. Go deep into the nightlife while being driven to local bars and lounges where the young
generation and even the older people come to unwind and flaunt their unique styles.
Come and enjoy the nightlife of Hanoi with us. We commit to giving you a fun and memorable time on your trip to our
beloved country.
You have kids? Donít worry! We can adjust this tour to be more kidfriendly.


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