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admin 08-02-2010 10:23 PM

Artificial Islands from Malaita Province the LAU LAGOON I just want to share my photos about the Lau Lagoon in the North Malaita, Lau Lagoon. This is some of the way of life we experience in the Solomon Islands mainly Langa,langa Lagoon and Lau Lagoon. It is very easy life and where you can met the salt water people. Its a high time for us due to the global warming and sea raise that we now experience. The communities are forcasting on how to build up their Artificial Islands this is to avoid high sea that we now experiencing. Our communities now need assistances in the water Tanks and manpower to rebuild construction the Artificial Islands. Here are some of the community work done by the people of the ABR Lau Lagoon Salt Water People from (KWAKWAEFOU, SURAKIKI, TALUABU, TARAANA, TAUBA, TAKWAIASI,FOUFOIASI, KWALEUNA, ABU, FERASIOFA, LOFOEBEBE, LAU,LAFUMA'ASI, KWALOAI, ALASADE, FOUEDA, FUNAFOU, MANA'AFE, ROBA, ADAGEGE, SULUFOU ARTIFICIAL ISLANDS.) Anyway people around these areas are willing to work together with any groups or voluntiers. I am trying to fundraise funds to give water Tanks and Toilet systems to the Islands if possible. Now I want to bring people to the artificial Islands so that you can experince how we live in the artificial Islands. Have a nice day and I need your ideas to kick off the project. Whhat you can do in the artificial Islands are: Diving, yatching, sailing, snorkelling, game fishing, kayaking, canoeing in the outriger canoes, visits to Local Market see the butter systems of the people from mountains or bush and salt water people from the Artificial Islands and Manaoba,Hatodea areas. This is just a little tips about the Lau Lagoon. Soon the Artificial Islands will be ready to visit so I will inform you when we are ready thanks for you time one and all.


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