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Japan Tour: Boat Trip in Toba Bay

As well as the Mikimoto Pearl Museum, the Minatomachi Museum and the town's oyster bars, Toba offers a popular boat trip in the Toba Bay out to Iruka Island to a see a dolphin and seal show.

The recent movie The Cove, filmed down the coast in Taiji, raised rather serious questions about the dolphins in Japan's dolphin shows. Watching a dolphin show can never really be the same again with the knowledge that most of the dolphins on display are the lucky survivors of dolphin hunts which end in the bloody slaughter of their fellow creatures.

Ornamental Chinese style boats chug in a circle between the pier near Mikimoto Pearl Island, Toba Aquarium and Irukashima (Dolphin Island). Get on and off any boat on the course.

Prices are 1500 yen for adults; 750 yen for children including the prices of the shows

Tel: 0599 25 3145 Boats run every 30 minutes from 9am-4pm with earlier and later sailings in August.

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Toba Mie Dolphins


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