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admin 03-01-2011 08:34 PM

Pompeii , Herculaneum, , Sorrento, Capri,
<img src="/img/t/guide/4005/raffaele-iaccarino.jpg" alt="RAFFAELE IACCARINO" />POMPEII(2 hours): City walls,Temple of Apollo ,Basilica,Forum,Macellum,Temple of Jupiter,BATHS,HOUSE of THE Faun,House of Small Fountain,House of the Ancient Hunt,Lupanare,Great and Small Theatre.
POMPEII (3 HOURS):City walls,Temple of Apollo,Basilica,Forum,Macellum,Temple of Jupiter,Baths,House of the Faun,House of Small Fountain,Lupanare,Bakery,Triangular Forum,Great Theatre,Small Theatre,House of Ceii,Castellum Aquae,Granary.
HERCULANEUM(2hours):Barrel Arches,House of Deers,Taberna,House with large Portal,Cucumas shop,Hall of the Augustals,Baths,House of Neptune and AmphitriteTrellis HouseHouse of Argus.


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