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12-08-2009, 05:22 AM
http://travel.viamigo.com/img/t/p_o_s_t/254/christmas-and-new-year-tours-in-egypt.gifChristmas and New Year Tours in Egypt, Egypt Holidays and Vacations in Christmas and New Year, Egypt Tailor made trip during Christmas and New Year. Travel Centuries specialized in Egypt tailor made programs for clients from all over the world and providing them with all sorts of services. We offer exciting experiences, holiday, tours, sightseeing, attractions, activities and best things to do in Egypt during Christmas and New Year …to plan and book ahead. You've worked hard all year, and don't want to spend your Christmas & New Year holidays working as well? Then now's the time to plan the perfect holiday. Why not travel to Egypt and discover ancient Egypt in all its splendour and glory? Christmas and New Year are fast becoming the most popular time to take a break as many seek to avoid the frantic celebrations and revelry back home. Enjoy Christmas Day and/or New Years Day in Egypt with Travel Centuries, and we promise you'll have a holiday to remember. Then do something a bit different this year and celebrate Christmas & New Year in Egypt & experience the Egyptian Pharaonic atmosphere. We wish you a nice holiday If you decided to take somedays off to visit the awe inspiring places in Egypt. We offer you inspiring Christmas & New Year tailor made programs in Egypt and with our range of exciting destinations you can be sure to get your fill of Christmas & New Year cheers! Whether travelling on your own, with your family, or as part of a group of friends, we invite you to join us in Egypt for a special Christmas or New Year holiday to remember. So all you need to do now, is decide what you'd like to be doing and then contact us and our staff will be happy to help. Be sure to add any comments that may help us to meet your specific needs. We will start working on a tour specially suited to your requirements and then email you with the suggested itineraries and prices.

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