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04-24-2010, 05:48 PM
http://travel.viamigo.com/img/t/p_o_s_t/303/hunza-holidays-plus-trekking-tours-pakistan.jpgHunza Holidays Plus is based on Himalaya, Karakarum, Hindukush kingdom of Pakistan operate the adventures activities, Adventure tours, Mountaineering, Trekking in Pakistan, We offer wide range of trekking, adventure package trip, Mountaineering for the naturalist and outdoor enthusiast with our tour team of reliable, friendly, experienced and dedicated team. HHP TREKKING & TOURS ACTIVITIES IN PAKISTAN: Hunza Holidays Plus trekking & Tours is basically operating Culture tours, Hunting tours, Jeep Safaris, adventure tour, mountaineering, rafting, wildlife safari in relevant areas both tea house and camping/ tented basis adventure trips. Hunza Holidays Plus Trekking & Tours is tour company in Pakistan established by a team of professionals involved tourism since 2003, we commit providing a home away from home for trekkers / adventure Travelers /Mountaineers CUSTOMIZES TRIPS: Convenience for trekkers is primary for us and therefore we prefer listening to them before recommending anything. We have created a few classifications based on our experience and what a trekker is looking for: FIXED DEPARTURE FOR INDIVIDUALS: A cost effective way of trekking and tours; various trekkers get together to reduce the costs for the entire group. For us an ideal group size is between 4 and 8. FAMILY TREKS OR TOURS: We have identified a few treks that are ideal for families that want to trek together. We keep in mind the fact that a lot of families intend to introduce trekking and tours to their kids. We have been doing exclusive family treks and tours since over five years now. YOUTH TREKS OR TOURS: HHP TREKKING & TOURS understands that it's the youth of the country that needs adventure most. We also understand the crunch of resources during college education might dissuade them from undertaking adventure. However we have designed and rolled out a new set of subsidized treks and tour primarily for them. SPIRITUAL TREKS OR TOURS: For our friends who are specifically looking for there treks or Tour, we have some recommendations for them as well. FLEXIBLE PRICING: All our treks carry all the details, cost inclusions and exclusions for the price mentioned. If at any point of time you feel that you might want to include and exclude any convenience ( upgrade or economize), you can have us customize it for you. Contact 0092 321 4364 658 0092 346 540 1519

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