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04-24-2010, 05:48 PM
http://travel.viamigo.com/img/t/p_o_s_t/312/exclusive-tour-duke-yusupov-palace-in-koreiz.jpg New! Exclusive! Only special permit with us. One of the private residences of the Office of the President of Ukraine. A palace is built at the beginning of a 20th century for the parents of prince Felix Yusupov (murderer of Grigory Rasputin), married on the unique niece of the last tsar Nikolas ??. In February, 1945 here the residence of Joseph Stalin and Vyacheslav Molotov took place during the Yalta(Livadia) conference (the special underground bunker of dictator was saved). Examination is accompanied an enthralling excursion, engulfing the period of history from early dark ages to our days. The palace was built for one of the richest aristocratic families of Russia releted to the imperial dynasty. And it was designed by the talented Russian architect Nikholas Krasnov. It`s owner, Prince Yusupov Count Sumarocov-Elston, was a Govenor-General of Moscow. In 1945, during the Yalta Conference of leaders of the three nations - the USSR, the USA and the Great Britain, the Yusupov Palace was the residence of the Soviet delegation headed by the Supreme Commander-in-Chief, Josef Stalin and Minister Vyacheslav Molotov. In the post-war period the palace turned into the summer residence of the CPSU Central Committee and it received numerous party and state figures of the Soviet Union. The palace park takes the area of 16.5 hectares and was founded by the famous gardener Karl Antonius Kebach. It contains over the 160 species of decorative trees and bushes.

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