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12-08-2009, 05:22 AM
http://travel.viamigo.com/img/t/p_o_s_t/258/at-the-world-s-end.jpgIt was the beginning of the 16the century when Nicolaus Copernicus settled in Frauenburg - now Frombork. Here he worked on his famous De Revolutionibus... But we tend to forget, that he was a doctor. And this is why I invite you to Frombork. COme and see this place which is still at the world's end. Yet the place found itself in the centre of the world - several years ago. It happened, when Nicolaus Copernicus' grave was found. After a thorough research in cooperation with the Swedish anthrooplogists - now we know... Copernicus was burried here... at the world;s end.

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