View Full Version : Premium Wines & Mountains Tour Concha y Toro or Santa Rita Vineyards

01-13-2010, 11:15 AM
http://travel.viamigo.com/img/t/p_o_s_t/292/premium-wines-mountains-tour-concha-y-toro-or-santa-rita-vineyards.jpgWe will not only have the chance to drive through some suburbs of the southern part of Santiago, view the amazing Mountain range and another view of how the people live far from the center of the city. Once we reach the southern part close to the Valley of Maipo, important in Chile`s wine production, We will enjoy the visit to one of the most important First class Wine Exporters of Chile, Concha y Toro vineyard or Santa Rita. After taking the vineyards main tour and visit their premises, we will have the chance to drive to the Rural town of Cajon del Maipo, view some part of the mountain range and take pictures of the wonderful Andes Mountains and beauty. Specially during winter that shows the amazing white Andes. Lunch at a special Chilean typical restaurant. Return to the hotel.

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